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Hi, my name is Matthew and I am a senior at Texas State University. My major is Mass Communication with a focus is Digital Media Innovation. After graduating from college I plan on working with a outdoor recreational company alongside the media team. I want to help develope the digital media side of a company and create a better work experience in the outdoor world.

For the past couple years I have also been working at Legacy Lifts as an aluminum fabricator and shop hand. We build outdoor elevators for house around United States that are raised off the ground for better access. The amount of experience and traits I have learned are incredible. Now I have something else to have under my belt if ever I need a good job.

In my free time I enjoy anything that involves being outdoors. This summer I started training myself for my first sprint triathlon. I eventually want to work my way up to a full Iron Man or Xtera Race. Surprisingly I just picked up reading again since the last time I read a book was in seventh grade. I always am trying to experience other things that will push me outside of my comfort zone.
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Allan Rayman Into the Wild Dogs
Luke Combs Call of the Wild Cats
Eddie Vedder Hatchet Elepahnts

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