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Welcome to the Got Gears page! At this page you can view stories of what drives people to ride bikes and all the benefits they have experienced. Also featured a couple articles of the bike sustainability movements and local bike shops in the area that support this transition. Let’s get into it!

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Green Biking

Wether you’re joy riding or race cycling, bikes are the new green. In this day and age there are numerous factors that lead toward a better environment through riding bikes. With fuel consumption being the main factor in pollution, the United States have since started working for better fuel economy cars to cut back on its carbon production. That’s just the fuel aspect of the car industry, just imagine the other amounts of waste produced in that process from building to daily user of the vehicle. The bicycle is becoming more and more the norm for making your daily commute and is the cleanest form of all transportation. There are so many reasons to start you biking commute rather than your gas guzzling car. Here is a few. To start the biking has no engine to burn fuels which in turn create greenhouse gases. The more people that switch to biking the less harmful chemicals we put into the atmosphere. Now that we’ve covered air pollution, let’s talk about sound pollution that everyone forgets about. With sales of vehicles rising at a high rate, it comes with more sound created by them that will not go unnoticed. Now if you live in a country area you may not notice this as much, but for a city with bad traffic this in an everyday thing with honking and cars running constantly. This is where bikes come into play for a better alternative that’s not only quieter but quicker than sitting in hours of traffic to go a couple miles. Now that biking is coming back a fashionably rate, cities have started to plan for the additions of bike lanes and safer aspects to these changes for the people who switch to bike transportation. Since the demand for cars becoming insane there has to be somewhere to drive all the cars and park them. This just adds more reason for the city to expand roads or even expand the city to hand the traffic of cars. Even though there could never be enough people to cut back on short drives or even getting people to switch over to lessen the amount of harmful things it does to our environment it still has a lot of great health benefits for the people that bike and society in general. But if a good portion of society decides to make the switch to biking for shorter distances it’ll cut back on all kinds of pollution and wasted space needed for the influx of vehicles.

Jace Basford & Hulk

This is Jace Basford and his bike named mean green. He got it about one year ago. It’s a fixie bike. That means it only has one gear not like other bikes with multiple gears and it’s moved forwards and back wards with the petals. He also decide to go with no brakes so he can control it only with the petals. From experience it’s probably one the hardest things control especially in this hilly area.

Jace believes that riding bikes will definitely better the environment due to the benefits that comes with it. Since he has moved to San Marcos he said that’s his main way for transportation since everything is so close. Now that he’s seen the benefits and appreciates the benefits it also provides him, he’ll always find a way to implement bike into his daily routine. What will it take for you to make the switch?

Jack Bittel & Daisy

This is Jack Bittel and this bike named Daisy. He picked up this gem about two years back. It is a mountain bike. Mountain bikes have upgraded suspensions and bigger tires to withstand rough terrain that is on trails and such. Since buying the bike, Jack has upgraded the front suspension fork and switch to 29” maxxis tires that will increase the off road performance.

Jack works at a bike shop that is close to Texas State campus. He says in the past couple of months of working there there has been a huge wave of more and more bikes coming into the shop to get new parts or upgrades because the amount of people switching to bikes in the San Marcos area. “It’s been amazing to see how many people are realizing the benefits for the environment and are bringing back old bikes to restore them for their own use” - Jack. What will it take for you to make the switch?

Jonny McDuffie & Crusty

This is Jonny McDuffie and this is his bike named Crusty. Jonny found this beautiful bike on Craig’s list and has turned it into his own. It is a street bike. Most street bikes are lighter and have the option of being geared or a fixie like Jace’s. This one is geared which is optimal for enduring hills and longer distances. When Jonny first got the bike it was in need of some TLC and he did just that with a great restoration of the bike

Jonny has always been in interest of what’s best for the environment in any way possible. He is originally from the state of California and he says riding a bike to the local surf shop or to go catch some waves is an everyday thing there. Coming to Texas he said he wanted to still be able to ride around the Hill Country of San Marcos. With that he needed something with gears to get him where he needed without being gassed and Crusty did that for him. What will it take for you to make the switch?

The Bike Cave

From the late 90’s bicycling has steadily grown in the recreation side as well as for transportation needs. It’s been proven to be sustainable and many neighboring shops and cities are embracing this impactful movement ever since. San Marcos and Texas State has had an advocate by their side since 2007. The Bike Cave on the east side of campus right off Sessom Drive has been a long time advocate to the students and surrounding community to help you get on a bike. The Cave is all about teaching people things about their bike and letting them learn to work on it themselves to get a better understanding. They have everything you need from new and used bikes, parts, accessories and much more. The main focus is to have somewhere for students who don’t really have a place to work on their bike so the Bike Cave opened it up to where you can come in free of charge and use the shops tools and whatever else to complete the task at hand. The Cave started as a collaboration of students and Environmental committees to have a work area to repair, complete safety checks and recycle unusable bicycles. Many places and businesses have donated old bikes for the staff to take apart to assess what is useable and they have also received numerous donations to further invest into new work equipment in the shop. “This is just the start of the bicycling movement,” says Jack Bittel a staff member at the Bike Cave. It’s great to see so many people getting involved and wanting to learn more about biking and seeing the changes that all the cities around the world are implementing for the sustainable transportation. There are so many ways to help the environment and different organizations to donate or join but if you’re into going fast and getting a good exercise at the same time then biking is a great way to start the journey of sustainability. The Cave is a great place to pick up a bike or fix up an old one in your dads garage. Go check them out! The Bike Cave has housed a few different locations, but has been located at the Colorado building on campus since 2010 and it looking forward to many years of great service to its students and community for of all their biking needs. Give them a visit at 207 Pleasant St. or call (512) 245-4567 for more information.